Remembering my first


I remember my first after many years never knowing that my first was a girl from 4th grade. I saw her many times throughout the years never really realizing she was my first. When I told her that I thought she was pretty she asked me if there was any other feelings I had. Well that was a shock for about a millisecond, I told her how I felt and what I had done about my feelings. What shocked me is she had the same feelings for me for years. We were close in our early years we kind of considered ourselves brother and sister. Now we are both married to different people, but the feelings are still there. If we were single I would marry her in a heart beat. I’m not sure if you can truly find your soulmate and still be separated. I see her in my dreams, my heart and I ache not being with her. I have made a promise, because when I could not bring myself to tell her how I felt I ran away and joined the army. I came to my senses and returned home and now I am working through my mistake. If there is away for us to be together without breaking the law and hurting her in any way I would take it.


Another day


I have been working just like everyone else does, but I receive a lot of information from others on how their lives are going. I do believe that just because I took the time to listen they feel much better. I am not a psychologist I do however see the difference in how they perceive the day after talking to someone else.

Just a small post


I am not an expert nor do I claim to be, I will however occasionally write my thoughts on politics, religion, or anything that has grabbed my thoughts as a way to put opinions or point of view out for discussion. If you want to talk I will listen. I have seen a lot and heard a lot and see what I hope is both sides.